If you have been a Carey customer…
We have something special for you.

An unprecedented event Only thought of you! Carey dive center dresses up and wants to thank you for being part of the family…

Sunday 8th:

Guest reception

Monday 9th:

Scuba Diving 2 tanks
– Welcome dinner
– Opening special guest

Tuesday 10th:

Scuba Diving 2 tanks
– Party – Anniversary dinner
– Recognition delivery

Wednesday 11th:

Scuba Diving 2 tanks
– Panoramic tour
– Conference whale museum
– Mexican dinner live music

Thursday 12th:

Scuba Diving 2 tanks
– Conference: Dr. Mauricio Hoyos exp. on sharks.
– Barbecue dinner by the pool

Friday 13th:

Scuba Diving 2 tanks + Whale shark snorkel
– Documentary Conference by biologist Erick Higuera
– Dinner and closure of works
– Commemorative kit delivery
– Party in tematic night club of the 80’s

Saturday 14th:

Day off
– Guest parting

We will wait for you. Limited availability. Includes: Diving, all food, transfer,
conferences and commemorative kit. Event and exclusive costs for VIP clients and friends of Carey. Recovery cost $635 usd without lodging. Package at Hotel. Headquarters $799 usd. 7 nights in double occupancy.

Reservations: info@buceocarey.com