We have excellent equipment for rent, Scuba Pro and Oceanic exclusive service for our customers with a rigorous maintenance program at affordable prices.

Mask and snorkel $10 USD
Fins $5 USD
Buoyancy compensator $15 USD
Regulator $15 USD
Wetsuit $10 USD
Tank $10 USD
Belt leads $5 USD
Pickup extra $1 USD
Belt without weights $1 USD
Rental package Scuba diving** $30 USD
Personal watercraft*** $600 USD
Refilling air $5 USD

**Diving with us. It includes vest, regulator, fins, mask and snorkel.
***Includes captain, gasoline and 7 hours of walk.

All tours include lunch and soft drinks. All prices exclude 16% VAT. They will be charged in Mexican pesos at the exchange rate (FIX) Mexico bank.
By order of the Federal Law on access to the protected area it has an additional cost to service $5 USD