Gabriel Vázquez

Founder and Owner

The busiest man here in Carey. He born in Mexico City in 1971 and moved to La Paz with his family in 1977. He has been diving since 1987, becoming a diving instructor in 1992. He is currently evaluator SNSI instructors with the highest level within the industry recreational diving. With hundreds of certified instructors under training. In addition to diving, Gabriel is an instructor first aid instructor and business consultant.

He graduated from the University of the West in Los Mochis, Sinaloa degree in Industrial Psychology. Gabriel has participated in underwater film productions worldwide including Yucatan Mysteries, along with Discovery Channel where we won the recognition in the 2002 Crystal Display Festival as Best Cinematography. Gabriel has put all his work and experience to create a company that provides its guests a safe and impeccable service, always respecting the natural environment. Curiously he went to his 11 years who gave the welcome Reyna Isabel II in his only visit to Baja California Sur. Which perhaps he marked his personality as host.

Above all his accomplishments, his pride and joy are in these two future divers and future public relations executive. Their children Eduardo, Gabriel and Maria Isabel.

As part of its growth and has begun updating the representation of SNSI as a leader in quality training agency.

Yohana Junco

Sales and Public Relations

Originally from Havana, Cuba. He studied economics and psychology. He resides in Mexico for 6 years and has extensive experience in Customer Service, Business Administration and Dive Centre (Dive Master).

She is responsible for overseeing the quality and warmth of our services through our rigorous system of monitoring and represents us with Gabriel Vazquez Worldwide in different fairs and exhibitions Diving in Baja California.

Belén Rodríguez

Manager Reservations and International Marketing

Born in San Sebastian, Spain. Instructor of Diving and Business Administrator. Arrived in Mexico in 2004 and moved to La Paz City in 2007 where she joined the ranks of Buceo Carey. Creating a breakthrough in customer service in and out of the water. Lover of the Nature and propeller of the rights of the animals. Now from its new stage in the successful management in our office in Los Cabos.

Shinichiro Hirohata

Dive Master

Living in La Paz 9 years and has 25 years of experience in professional diving, Dive Masters and is one of the best members of our staff. Fluent in Spanish, English and Japanese. He loves to play with sea lions and will teach you how to enjoy them.

Javier Lucero


Captain and Chief of Maintenance, a native of La Paz with over 25 years of experience in boat handling being the first captain Carey Diving La Paz. To date a key in maintaining boats and attention to our clients pillar.

Mario Hernandez


Our guide Snorkel and ecotourism also excellent captain is from San Carlos, B.C.S. Family of fishermen where basically from age 6 lived and enjoyed our shores accompanied his Father. He is currently certified tour guide for adventure, 100% bilingual, certified in CPR and first aid with over 10 years experience in customer service.

Miguel Castro “El Charro”


A native of La Paz, now is our captain and works with us for 3 years, has over 40 years of experience and our best members of our staff. Captain holds the first company of Diving in La Paz, Baja Explorers pioneer in discovering the 70 existing routes diving.

Juan Carlos Valdez

Diving Instructor and Guide

Originally from Mexico City resident in California since age 11. Impassioned the Sea of Cortez, with over 30 years experience in Eco Tourism. Kayaking, Camping, Snorkeling and Diving course.
Diving instructor and first aid since 1998. Tireless promoter of sustainable tourism with a passion for safety and respect for the environment. Proudly who he directs our training area, offering courses from beginner to Dive Master.

Helder Romero


A native of La Paz, Baja California Sur. Born in the cradle of fishermen with a family tradition linked to the world that have thankfully decided to choose a way of life related activities largest sea aquarium.
In particular Helder is known for his great ability as Captain and friendly service to all our customers. With over 10 years of experience it is certainly an excellent combination of youth, confidence and security..

Family-operated business since 1992